The fumigation procedure can be used when conservative disinfestation processes cannot be effective enough. This method ensures the efficient resolution of the infestation by killing insects in all their stages (eggs, larvae, nymphs, perfect insects) without affecting the organoleptic properties of the product.

This method is applied to:

  • Products like cereals, flour, or their derivatives.
  • Empty warehouses, transport, containers, silos, ships or other places.
  • In wooden utensils and furniture damaged by woodworm, old books etc.

Fumigation is done using phosphine. The application of phosphine is really dangerous thus it requires special security measures and should be done by experienced professionals. Our company has the legal and professional requirements and also experience to perform such tasks safely and efficiently.

Due to the high cost and risk of fumigation, we can alternatively use the “fogging” method in vacant warehouses and when the infestation is confined or we need to prevent further contamination. Combined with pheromone traps and frequent checking, this method can be equally effective. The only drawback is that by this method we can kill only the perfect insects, but the experience of our company in that method ensures its maximum effectiveness.

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