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Desinfestations - Exterminations


Desinfestation processes have to do with the control and protection against insects. The procedures are:

  • Building disinfestation including industries, premises, holdings and houses.
  • Product disinfestation such as food, grain, empty warehouses, silos etc.
  • Wood-material disinfestation from wood-boring insects.
  • Disinfestation of large areas from mosquitoes and flies.


Our extermination procedures have to do with the protection against rodents and preventing their entry into buildings and holdings.

  • Inspection of premises and identification of critical – for rodents’ presence – points.
  • Design of Rodents Protection System and placement of the appropriate bait stations and mechanical traps.
  • Inspection of bait stations, recording the results and trade analysis in order to provide the best resolution of the problem.

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