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Corporate Social Responsibility

Poulias Ioannis SMPL company since its foundation (late 80’s) functions by applying a set of moral values and commitments. During all these years we have created a corporate culture and below we are presenting its general characteristics:

  • Human Respect: the working relationships between employees, co-operators and with anyone in general, are marked by absolute respect for the individuality and ideas regardless of gender, religious or political beliefs, color or race. In our relationships, there is no room for discriminations and extortions. It is really important to us to participate all employees in daily business life, without discriminations, ensuring, as far as applicable, their contribution in our goals’ achievements.
  • Business Ethics:  it is totally unacceptable to our company to operate under unfair competition and illegal practices. We respect both our clients and our competitors last of whom honoring us by electing us members of Pest Control Association Board (S.E.A.M.E.).
  • Environmental Protection: the use of chemicals in our work is a potential risk to the environment. We use pesticides and their residues paying  special attention to the safety rules and regulations. We are the first pest control company which, since the late 90s, we have applied a waste management system in our work. We care about the collection and waste disposal. Nowadays, we are certified with BS EN ISO 14001:2004 for the Environment.
  • Hygiene & Safety at Work : The safety and Hygiene is a top priority for  us. We pay great attention to safety measures and regulations in our work. We repeat at least once a year, the training process for our employees as far as it concerns the precautions we have to take during our procedures. The personnel are equipped with all the necessary personal protective equipment and we insist on wearing it during their work. Our company is certified with the Health & Safety at Work Management System OHSAS 18001:2007. We are certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Company.

It is really important to us to comply with the 4 pillar requirements of Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) and the prerequisites of Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA):

  • Working Relationships
  • Environmental Protection
  • Hygiene & Safety at Work
  • Business Ethics

For our compliance with the rules, our company has received the LETTER OF CONFORMITY, upon inspection of Bureau Veritas Hellas S.A.

To view the document Letter Of Conformity click here, or go to the page CERTIFICATIONS.

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